South of France 2002

The video that started Dazed Productions as a way of sharing the videos. Back in the days of SD tape DV cameras. A messy trip with many broken bikes and incidents! Back in the innocent days of the R6.

Buntingford 2002

A road I used to know so well I could ride it as fast at night. Barely go there any more but still remember every bump in the road!

ZXR750 L1 2003

The beautiful ZXR, I forgot how good that bike sounded!

Easter 04 with Petra and BJ

RIP Dude. . .

South of France 04

Another BJ trip.

Late 2004 South of France

Quick blat down to see a friend off on his journey to Serbia (I think, one of the Ex-Yugoslavias anyway). Literally the last time I saw him.